Better Do Some Metal Gang


To join the wonderful craziness of the BDSMetal Gang all you have to do is:

  • Spend some time at parties
  • get to know the members
  • have fun and engage yourself in local chat
  • and ….. just ask :blush:

If you made the world changing decision of becoming a prospect and future member we need:

  • a picture of your avatar for the GANG MUGSHOT aka Wanted Poster
  • Your birthday (day and month) so we can shower u in bday wishes and bad jokes about your age
  • Your country of origin and timezone
  • If you are able or interested in DJing for the gang


As the GANG name suggests, our members love everything Metal and Rock related including every “subgenre” you can think of.

We are however, not strictly bound to this type of music, love a wide range of other genres and are
always up for diversion